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Doug Duncan
Posts: 44

This is the slow time of year for RVing, so maybe a good time to talk about a rare issue that only appears in cold weather. We have had multiple days of single-digit temperature here in Maryland/suburban Washington DC. Attempting to enter the trailer, the screen door latch jams and has to be forcibly pulled open. Having adjusted it four times since we took delivery in August, I was quite familiar with the mechanism and inspected it carefully. It was adjusted properly. I came to realize that the extreme cold had shrunk the entire trailer hull, squeezing the door latch mechanism. A week or two later during warmer weather, the door opened normally with no problems. I don't have any recomendations, just an observation.

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Charlie and Sara
Posts: 486

I check mine occasionaly but have not  t had this problem. I usually don't go in in if it is really cold and we keep ours covered. Thanks for the tip.


Keep on Snoozin,


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Doug Duncan
Posts: 44

I finally took a file to the latch in the door jamb and don't have the problem anymore. We do use the trailer throughout the winter.

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