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I've misplaced my owner's manual. Is there anyone who can scan/email me a copy? I'll gladly pay for copy costs.




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Forgot to mention that copying and snail mail would work too! 



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Carl Keigley
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Smoakin Concepts Composites

Lil Snoozy

Owners Manual


I would like to start by thanking and congratulating you on the purchase of your “Lil Snoozy”.

It is our sincerest hope that you derive as much pleasure in using your Lil Snoozy as we did building it.

I have compiled a few items that are normally covered in the presentation and delivery of the new camper

but would like to reinstate them for your convenience.


WARNING: Camping as a whole can cause serious injury and/or death if proper

precautions are not taken by every one involved. Strict adherence to all safety

instructions on all products used is mandatory. It is the users responsibility to

review all publications relating to camping, IE: electrical, gas, fume detectors, etc.


There are hundreds of articles and instructions available through the internet or

through book stores on safety while camping. Campers are constantly bouncing

down the road and it is common for things to break, come loose or stop working

so it is the users responsibility to check all systems before any use to insure you

and your family's safety. We want to make camping a happy and safe activity for

all so we must warn every one of the precautions needed.




-----Your Lil Snoozy is equipped with a permanently mounted standard 30 amp power

cord. You may use this cord on any standard 30 amp receptacle, or it may be used

in a 15/20 amp receptacle (your typical house plug) using an adaptor so long as you

don't let it exceed 20 amps worth of draw.

-----Because we use GFCI receptacles in many places, it may be necessary to reset the

receptacle before use.

-----The A/C panel is located just to the right of the microwave.

-----There are four 110 volt 15 amp breakers that are marked for your convenience.

-----The electrical adaptor also allows used of the generator. Your generator [the Honda

2000] is capable of running all 110v components at the same time, short of the

water heater and microwave. In this packet is a list of the components and amp

draws for each component. As you will see, the water heater is by far the highest

amp draw of any component, this component should only be run by itself or on

20-30 amp services. It becomes a process of load sharing but the little Honda will

do it all; just not everything on at the same time.


In order to get the most out of your generator and for it to have a long and happy life,

it is advisable to follow the following simple steps:


1. Do not overload the generator on start up. Crank the generator with all of the

breakers and switches in the “off” position.

2. Let it run for a minute or two to warm up and circulate the oil, especially

when it is cold weather.

3. Switch your first desired component breaker to the “ON” position. The

generator might increase its RPM to cope with the added load, this is perfectly

normal. Allow the generator to settle into its preferred stride

(this should only take a few seconds) before starting any other components.

4. One at a time, switch the remaining components to the “ON” position,

allowing the generator to settle down each time.


Starting at the front of the Lil Snoozy for a brief “walk around.”



-----The generator and power cord are located on the tongue of the camper, this

placement allows for the generator to be operated while the camper is in motion.

-----The passenger side towards the front of the Lil Snoozy is where you will find the

access door for the under bed storage. Farther to the rear you will see the exterior


-----On the rear driver side is the Thetford Cassette tank removal door. [If ordered]

This door allows removal of the cassette toilet tank from the outside of the camper.

Simply grasp the tank and lift the yellow handle located on the bottom. This

releases the lock holding the tank, then all you must do is pull it straight out. If the

tank won't slide out easily make sure the flushing valve is in the closed position

on the side of the toilet inside.

-----Moving around to the drivers side of the Lil Snoozy: Just aft of the tire is the drain

for the gray water tank. A simple garden hose can be attached to direct drainage.

The camper must be level for it to drain properly. If you lower or raise the front

of the camper just a bit it will assist in faster drainage. The water hose must have

a continuous fall to drain properly. The drain port on the tank is mounted on the

front or side of the tank allowing the axle to protect it from road debris.

-----In front of the tire is the fresh water tank drain. If all faucets are open it will drain

the complete water system except for the water heater.

-----Moving up the driver side farther is the fresh water tank fill, cable TV receptacle

and park side water hose attachment. Your on board water tank will not be filled

when using the park side water attachment. You must fill your tank using the

opening that says “fill.”


Moving to the inside starting at the Rear door:


-----The DC main power switch is located on your right as you enter. This switch sends

power to every 12V DC accessory. Each light has its own switch with the bathroom

light switch located under the electrical panel. The water pump switch is located

on the A/C panel. The bathroom light must be own for the Thetford cassette to

operate. [If ordered]

-----The kitchen window is equipped with gas springs to hold it open. To open the

window, simply unlock the two red latches and let the window open. To close:

grasp the black window latch and pull the window closed, re-latching the red


-----Moving into the wet bath: To operate the Thetford; depress the blue button on the

back wall to fill the bowl with water, when ready to flush grasp the flush handle

located on the bottom left of the bowl.


-----The bedroom has a light overhead to assist with night reading or just more light.

Also the bedroom has a curtain for privacy.

-----Moving to the passenger side there is room for up to a 42” flat screen TV with large

cabinets with shelves inside.

-----The kitchen area has vertical cabinets for small item storage and also two overhead

for light items such as salt, pepper, seasonings, etc. On the side of the vertical

cabinet is a two plug 120 volt GFCI receptacle that can be used for cooking or

small appliances.

-----The sink is stainless steel. Under the sink is the receptacle for the AC plug and

under that shelf is the receptacle for the water heater.

-----On the hot water heater is a small switch, the cover is in clear plastic that turns on

and off the hot water or you can simply turn the water heater breaker on or off at

the breaker panel. If the switch on the water heater is lighted red it is on and


-----The rear door has a screen door with a sliding panel to operate the latch.


Again, thank you for purchasing a Lil Snoozy. Happy Camping!




Alan Smoak

President ---- Smoakin Concepts Composites

Lil Snoozy Campers


Lil Snoozy #161

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